Zapraszamy Cię do świata produktów Lart. Produktów, dzięki którym Ty również możesz zostać mistrzem stylizacji paznokci.

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Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”

Pablo Picasso

Welcome to the inspiring world of Lart

a world of innovative manicure products, full of passion, creative ideas, and safe manicure solutions. Lart products are extremely durable thanks to the revolutionary Infinity System. Infinity Base, which is also perfect for damaged, uneven, weak, and stained nails, naturally levels out the nail plate. Together with Infinity Top it creates an ideal, durable system that prevents the color from chipping off, air-locking, and staining. With Lart you can feel perfectly safe – when properly applied, our products will not damage your fingernails. Inside you will find natural ingredients, such as mica and silica, which can be used by pregnant women. They do not contain parabens, toluene, and DBP. Lart products are not tested on animals and do not contain animal products.
With more than 100 colors to choose from you can create real masterpieces, and thanks to the handy bottle and brush you will enjoy doing it. Discover a palette of infinite possibilities!

LART for women
full of passion

Passion is an integral part of our personality.

It is something that drives us, keeps us going. Some consider passion the ultimate goal that makes our lives consistent and harmonic. Lart is the choice of women who draw energy from innovation, ingenuity, creativity. It is for them that we created a unique collection of original, fresh color mixes that cannot be found anywhere else.

LART for women,
who find intellect beautiful

A beautiful woman believes in her intellect.

Real beauty should be felt, not seen; in a conversation, in a look, in an attitude. Beauty is the ability to deal with one’s story, their successes and failures. Beauty is a frame of mind. Be natural, be true! Our collection of natural, romantic, and delicate nude shades is just for you. You will also find a great selection of classic colors for stylish, elegant women.

LART for women,
who draw happiness from life

For spontaneous, outgoing women who have a hundred ideas a minute and are not afraid to ask questions.

For women who love people, feel beautiful, and always look for more in life; who draw energy from intense colors, uncommon color mixes, and extraordinary stylizations. With these women in mind, we created an incredible line of neon and pastel colors that will charge their lives with positive energy.


Lart is meant for all those wanting to become masters of manicure. Our instructors are true artists that can create real works of art. They are the best at what they do. Experts. Professionals. People of exceptional talent, extensive experience, and, most importantly, limitless creativity.
With the help from Lart instructors and using Lart products you too can become a master of manicure and create truly masterful stylizations!

Exceptional durability

without chipping off, air-locking, and staining, thanks to the Infinity System. Infinity Base together with Infinity Top forms an ideal, durable combination that gives nails a beautiful shine and prevents the colors from staining.

More than one hundred intense colors

in the hottest new shades that can turn fingernails into real works of art. Thanks to the unique structure, one will find color application not only easy but also pleasurable. Lart will turn you into a true master of manicure.

Handy Lart brush

perfectly shaped, made with top-quality materials. An ideal tool for creating masterful, one-of-a-kind stylizations.

Natural ingredients

such as silica (hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation) and mica, both of which are commonly used in the production of natural cosmetics

No parabens, toluene, and DBP

Properly applied Lart products are perfectly safe, even for pregnant women.

Not tested on animals

Lart products contain no animal products, nor genetically modified organisms.

Innovative packaging

beautiful design and handy shape that will definitely attract attention.

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Welcome and join us in Lart

the world of infinite possibilities.

The world of true
masters of manicure

The world in which you too will become a master of nail stylization.
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