LART is a world of innovative manicure products

where passion and creativity combine with care for your nails. In varnishes you will not find parabens, toluene and DBP, and the safety will provide you with natural ingredients – including mica and silica. The revolutionary Infinity system compensates for the damaged and uneven nail plate, thanks to which you will achieve durability of color without splashes and discoloration.


such as silica (hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation or allergies) and mica, used for the production of natural cosmetics

Don't contain parabens, TOLUEN and DBP

properly applied Lart products do not damage nails. In addition, they are completely safe for pregnant women

Don't tested on animals

in addition, they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, including genetically modified organisms

Modern packaging

beautiful design and original, comfortable shape, make Lart a unique brand that impresses Polish women

Revolutionary durability

without spatters, blistering and discoloration, thanks to the innovative Infinity system. Infinity base creates an ideal, durable system with Infinity Top, which gives a beautiful shine and protects colors from discoloration

Over 100 intense colors

in the most fashionable shades that give you unlimited possibilities of creating masterpieces on your nails. Thanks to its unique consistency, the application of colors is simple and creating stylizations is a pleasure

Comfortable Lart brush

perfectly contoured, of the highest quality materials is a perfect tool for creating unique, creative stylizations at the master level